Ryder Trauma Team Stories

"At Any Other Hospital They Call It A Miracle, We Call It A Monday."

At Jackson Health System, miracles are made daily.

To commemorate Ryder Trauma Center’s 25th anniversary, former and current members of the Ryder Trauma team have shared their reflections on the trauma center’s important history, and the impact it has made on them and the South Florida community.

Rudolph Bud Buzzard, RN-CIS

Clinical Informatics Specialist
Information Technology Division

“The stories only intensified our own fears for our families and friends riding out the storm without us as we cared for the injured patients. I was never so proud of the people I worked with than I was during the storm’s aftermath.“

Roger Torres, RN

Trauma Resuscitation Unit
Ryder Trauma Center

“At that moment, as I faded in and out, I had my first real glimpse of what happened behind those electronic doors – but not in the way I had always imagined. I had arrived, but as a patient, not a nurse as I had aspired.“

Angel Alvarez

Occupational Therapist
UM/JM Burn Center Ryder Trauma Center

“For many, it’s hard to see past the shocking, and in some cases disturbing, scenarios that our patients at Ryder Trauma Center experience. However, once you look deeper, you see the humanity and the goodness in those who are being cared for and the caregivers themselves.“

Carol Daley, MSN, ARNP

Trauma Resuscitation Unit
Ryder Trauma Center

“Working the night shift brought all the stories I heard about in the news to life. I was in an environment where I was stimulated, encouraged, and challenged.“